QuickFlicks Photography have developed a creative comprehensive photography course named “Through The Lens.”  We will like to invite you to join our photography workshops so you may learn the art and business of photography. Whether you are a beginner, amateur, experienced or an hobbyist, join “Through The Lens.”

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We host mentoring classes at $150 for 3 classes. This will give you the basics of photography. You will be able to take nice photos.

$225 for 6 classes we guaranteed you will be proficient in photography. Students will learn how to edit photos which is essential for photographers. In addition, you will learn the art of making money with your photography. Occasionally, we allow students to accompany us on real photo jobs.

For convenience, students schedule classes. Classes must be scheduled within 3 months time. Classes are at minimum 1 hour long.

Contact us at 412-983-6702 or quickflicksphotomedia@gmail.com   

Photographed By Lindsay B Garvin in JUNE 2016 (Started photography lesson in October 2015)

Lindsay B Garvin

I never imagined the amount of information I learned in such a short period of time. In less than a year, I'm already booking my very own photoshoots. http://www.lindsaybgarvin.com/

Shannon Chavez

Working with Brandon is a pleasure. I loved the detailed instuctions he provides which made me a confident photographer. https://www.shannonchavez.com

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Level 0 "I don't even own a camera" / Level 1 "Where is the picture button?" / Level 2 "How do I get focus?" /Level 3 "I am ready to get out of automatic and have more control" Or Beginner/Novice/Amateur is fine
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